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I thought about writing this on here for an extremely long time, and to be totally honest, this has been saved in a word document on my laptop for an even longer time! I guess some of you guys who might have stumbled across my tumblr or maybe even people who check it regularly may have figured that I am bisexual. And if you have, you would be extremely correct! I guess the reason I was so nervous to post this on here is because a) I’m fairly new to ‘being out’ and b) I have people who follow me on here who I know in real life (my sexuality isn’t exactly common knowledge). It took me a good 9-12 months after I finally admitted to myself that I was 100% bisexual to even think about telling anyone. The first time I told anyone, it was two of my best friends and even then, I told them “I think I might be bisexual”. I knew fine well that I definitely was, but I was still so scared of the reaction to the word bisexual that I gave my self an out just in case I needed it. It was the fact that, despite knowing me as a person, some people, even if it’s not said out loud or to my face, would see me as attention seeking, being greedy, desperate, confused, actually gay and just not wanting to admit it. That I’m just going through a phase.

Two months after I first told anybody, I told my mam and brother. My brother totally gets it. For a good six months after I told her my mam thought “it was just a phase”. She’s educated herself a lot more on the matter now, but she’ll still say every now and then “well I think everyone’s bisexual deep down” and I know she means well, but she doesn’t get that by saying this she’s completely disregarding my sexuality to something that everybody is. And that’s not true at all. And it kind of erases what being bisexual is.

Eight months after telling my brother and mam I told my four other closest friends and the two I’d already told that I most definitely am a bisexual female. They treat me the same which I totally knew they would anyways. But sometimes the odd comment will come out that makes me realise that they don’t fully understand my sexuality. For instance, not long after I told all my friends I started seeing this guy and one of my friends asked me “so are you straight now?” And I honestly think this has a lot to do with the way the media and society in general portray bisexuality and bisexual people. If I’m in a relationship with a man, I’m bisexual and if I’m in a relationship with a woman, I’m bisexual. Being bisexual doesn’t make me more likely to be unfaithful to my partners, it doesn’t mean that I’m a more sexual being, it doesn’t make me easier to get with, it doesn’t make me greedy. If you think the things I’ve said are inaccurate, please feel free to educate your extremely closed mind on MY sexuality before vocalising your opinions on it. Thank you.

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